HCM Cloud: The good, the bad and the and ugly

12:30 PM–1:30 PM Apr 22, 2018

Reef B


Session ID: 105490

Abstract: 'We've examined multiple projects and derived a series of lessons learned over several HCM Cloud and Taleo implementations that help avoid the pain points and pitfalls that can occur during implementations. Recognizing these potential challenges in advance will lead to a smoother project. In this session, we will review multiple business cases for HCM Cloud and Taleo installs or upgrades, and the risk mitigation plans the team undertook to address pre-implementation assessment concerns. We will focus on:1) Strategic objectives and project management tools2) Team structures and time management3) Stakeholder participation4) Basic infrastructure and software licensing5) Adequate skillsets6) Data mapping/transformation/conversions7) Business process re-engineering'

Objective 1: Discuss the root causes of obstacles/problems encountered in multiple implementations, share common themes across all/multiple teams, how each issue was addressed/resolved, and what are the lessons learned.

Objective 2: Discuss the assessment of executive or business sponsor's readiness to start the project, what we actually found during implementation, and accuracy of the assessment from a business sponsor/stakeholder viewpoint.

Audience: Technical/Functional