Session ID: 105350

Abstract: Hamilton Telecommunications was using a third-party solution that required loading the JDE asset data in from eleven companies with different fiscal calendars. The depreciation information would then have to be loaded back into their JDE General Ledger resulting in a two-software approach that created duplicate processes and non-integrated Fixed Asset calculations. Hamilton wanted to have better visibility across the organization into asset data, be able to book asset related transactions regularly and more easily, and be in a position to have accurate and timely data to support reporting for financial, insurance, regulatory and property tax purposes. Come to this session to hear more of their journey to a more robust and overall efficient Fixed Assets process.

Objective 1: Hear about Hamilton's review and decision process around implementing Fixed Assets and the benefits obtained and risks managed.

Objective 2: Learn about how to move from a non JDE Fixed Asset process to a JDE integrated one.

Objective 3: Find out about Hamilton's process to capture and validate Fixed Asset data in an organized cohesive manner.

Audience: Technical/Functional