Session ID: 1109


Almost every modern IT organization has struggled with the best place to locate crucial application code bases -inside the application server layer, or inside the database itself? The good news is that Oracle Database 12c has helped push the argument towards locating the majority of application code within the database through several key feature sets, including Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) and PL/SQL enhancements like EDITIONABLE packages and Cross-Edition Triggers. This session will offer several practical examples of how any Oracle DBA can build a case for and then implement the best practices of the ThickDB paradigm within their organization while making their application developer colleagues happier than ever.

Objective 1: The attendee will understand the ThickDB paradigm, including its advantages, benefits, and drawbacks in relation to their current computing environment.

Objective 2: The attendee will discover how to implement ThickDB in their IT organization's application development environment, including when it's most or least appropriate to make a case for its deployment.

Objective 3: The attendee will learn how Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) is integral to the ThickDB paradigm and how to implement EBR within applications to enable maximum flexibility during their development, progression to production, and implementation.

Audience: Introductory