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The (Un)loved Child of Generation Cloud: Oracle Performance on VMware

Virtualization as a backbone technology - an all-time-high topic, and much older than the current buzzword wit the capital C. Not uncomplicated regarding licensing and handling, such a hypervisor hides a bunch of nasty surprises for the unprepared.

The talk will have a focus on OLTP and shows, how to optimize VMware for good, stable and predictable performance of an Oracle Database. But before we can do that, we need to know analysis with limited capabilities: I'll show the "locked-in DBA" how to find out about available resources, if he is deprived of them and how and when they are missing. The Oracle database is a powerful, beautiful and joyful utility to achieve that. And yes, it can cause tears to well in the eyes of VMware owners and operators.

"Oracle Performance on VMware" is the summary of astute, amusing and animated approaches out of 10 years of project work with CVMware and Oracle.

Objective 1: Make VMware a good, reliable platform for Oracle

Objective 2: Learn about resources in your virtual reality

Objective 3: Use Oracle to learn about the virtual and real environment

Audience: In-Depth