Session ID: 10018

Abstract: In this information age, it is critical to automate processes and eliminate paper documents to move towards electronic storage. This presentation is aimed at sharing our unique experiences of implementing WebCenter for a City with 2 purposes – 1. Eliminating paper document with Accounts Payable Invoice Automation (APIA), and 2. To store all E-Business Suite attachments in WebCenter using its new and supported Managed Attachment solution. From a functional and technical approach, we will examine our solution end-to-end. Our case study will enlighten benefits gained by the client from this implementation.

Objective 1: Learn how to configure APIA imaging accelerator for EBS R12.2

Objective 2: Discover how you can leverage WebCenter Content for all EBS attachments using Managed Attachment solution

Objective 3: Gain tips and tricks to a successful implementation of APIA and Managed Attachment

Objective 4: Learn how one can achieve business required workflow approvals for such invoices

Audience: -All-