Session ID: 10077

Abstract: How confident are you that you have the complete cost of a project related asset? Many believe that once an asset is placed in service that is the end of the story. However, there is more to the Oracle Project and Oracle Assets relationship after capitalization. Projects and capitalized assets together give managers accurate and timely access to the complete cost of a project related asset. Projects is symbiotic to assets because it captures detailed activities from inception, construction, capitalization and disposal. Attend this session to learn more about their working relationship and why it matters.

Objective 1: Drive home that the projects and assets integration is a cradle to grave relationship for an asset

Objective 2: Communicate that an asset build contains expense costs in addition to capitalized costs

Objective 3: Project accounting adds discipline to disposal of asset and the associated costs

Objective 4: Convey the value of tracking construction in process amounts

Audience: Applications End User