Session ID: 10103

Abstract: Rate based scheduling is generally associated with lean production methodologies such as Flow Manufacturing. Typically, flow schedules are created based on the ‘Line Rate’, calculated from the average time is takes to manufacture a single unit. In a mixed model environment, this Line Takt time is averaged from the operational cycle times of all the products produced on the line. Our challenge was to automatically mimic this process within ASCP to effectively schedule the work centers based on daily product mix and daily limits. Attendees will learn how to create work orders for rate based scheduling.

Objective 1: Educate on how to schedule production based on daily product mix rates and limits.

Objective 2: Share the experience we had with a customer and show how they are using the solution for both short term production scheduling and long term planning.

Objective 3: Convey an understanding on how constrained resources can be used to control demand spikes.

Audience: Applications End User