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Abstract: Young managers need to know how to lead - and their definition of "Leading" may be far different than what we are accustomed. This new generation of managers has unique and fresher ideas on how to lead, so what do you need to do to adapt to their style of leadership while coaching them and giving them autonomy? And what do the new leaders need to do to communicate effectively to make certain their team members are on the same page, and heading in the right direction? Jan is the co-author of Keeping the Millennials, and the author of Millennials 2.0 - Empowering Generation Y.

Objective 1: How to coach new leaders to take responsibility.

Objective 2: How to communicate effectively to your team - and it is not by texting.

Objective 3: The art of learning new skills so someone else is not determining your fate.

Objective 4: Lessons learned from new leaders - beyond the first 90 days

Objective 5: Re-charging the culture: what skills are necessary to do the job well?

Audience: -All-