Session ID: 10224

Abstract: SmartView is a powerful reporting option that leverages users’ knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Sometimes, however, it is not clear whether to use SmartView formulas or an ad hoc SmartView connection to retrieve the data you need. In this session, we will discuss the advantages and challenges of each method. We will also share some tips and tricks for creating formulas and navigating ad hoc reports. Additionally, we will take time to review common errors and highlight some of the advanced option settings. Make sure to join us so that you can make SmartView reporting a sure bet.

Objective 1: Choosing whether to use formulas or ad hoc

Objective 2: Tips for creating retrieve formulas and understanding common errors

Objective 3: Tips for navigating ad hoc and understanding data cell status

Objective 4: Submitting data via SmartView formulas and ad hoc

Objective 5: Exploring advanced ad hoc option settings

Audience: Functional / User