Session ID: 10241

Abstract: ERP upgrades are measured in years and in millions of dollars, so, it’s understandable that many companies still haven’t moved off their old E-Business Suite and Oracle Discoverer. There are some expensive options to replace Disco (DVCS, BICS, OBIEE, Tableau, Cognos) and some free options. With Oracle Database 12.2 we now have a free dimensional metadata solution that we can utilize to replace the Disco End User Layer. And with Oracle Application Express 5.2, you get access to the same data visualization components in those expensive BI offerings. Learn how in this practical session.

Objective 1: Revisit the current options for discoverer replacement.

Objective 2: Dive into 12.2 Analytic views (the missing link), a practical replacement for the Disco EUL to enable ad-hoc dimensional reporting.

Objective 3: Explore advanced Data Visualization techniques in Application Express with the Oracle JET charting engine.

Objective 4: Learn the techniques and see the code in this live demo.

Audience: -All-