AP Automation Done Right!

3:00 PM–4:00 PM Apr 22, 2018

Breakers I


Session ID: 10262

Abstract: AP Automation can significantly reduce operating costs often achieving a return on investment within 6 months. Find out how to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your invoice processing through the implementation of an automated, digitized AP solution. We will show how we helped organizations build a platform to provide end-to-end management of AP invoice processing, utilizing Oracle WebCenter Content (Capture, Imaging & Forms Recognition), seamlessly integrating with E-Business Suite and managing the invoice approval process using the Approvals Management Engine (AME).

Objective 1: Discuss business benefits of automating the AP process.

Objective 2: Share best practices for implementing Oracle WebCenter Content to capture AP invoices.

Objective 3: Highlight an innovative solution utilizing AME to approve integrated invoices.

Objective 4: Feature an AP automation customer case study

Audience: -All-