ASC 606 at Electronic Arts (EA)

12:30 PM–1:30 PM Apr 22, 2018

Breakers H


Session ID: 10276

Abstract: EA develops and delivers games to its customers in several formats. This poses an unique challenge given the variety in revenue models as well as transaction volumes and the need to report externally per GAAP and internally for purposes of management analysis and royalties. EA traditionally evaluates revenue based on criteria set forth in SOP 97-2. With changes mandated by ASC 606, EA embarked on a major initiative using Oracle technology to conform with the guidelines of ASC 606 and manage internal reporting needs. Join us to explore how complex accounting needs were met by effective design of the software!

Objective 1: ASC 606 challenges at EA - internal vs external reporting and dual reporting

Objective 2: How Oracle can be used to solve complex revenue allocations involving multi-element arrangements

Objective 3: How to solve dual representation

Audience: Financial or Internal Control Manager