Session ID: 10277

Abstract: A top brand furniture manufacturing company transformed their multiple custom quoting systems to an enterprise-level single quoting application streamlining their entire Quote-to-Order cycle in order to drive growth and stay ahead of competition. The Oracle CPQ Cloud solution was implemented as a single unified platform becoming the "System of Customer Engagement". The manual order entry process was eliminated by automating the order creation process from Oracle CPQ Cloud to their on-premise E-Business Suite. Join us as we take you on this customer’s journey to a brighter sales future.

Objective 1: Discover how a modern CPQ solution simplified a complex quote-to-order process.

Objective 2: Discuss the detailed architectural solution developed to address complex configuration requirements.

Objective 3: Discuss the implementation challenges faced by the team and how they were resolved.

Objective 4: Highlight key lessons learned from this implementation.

Objective 5: Discover how CPQ Cloud can be further leveraged by the customer in the future driving growth.

Audience: -All-