Session ID: 10278

Abstract: Discover how Oracle Integrated Cloud Services (ICS) was used to consolidate disconnected systems into Oracle ERP Cloud.  See how the advanced Orchestration features, along with tracking and monitoring capabilities of ICS, were used to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, both on-premise and cloud. This presentation will cover SOAP based CRUD services and FBDI-batch-jobs-based integration with Oracle ERP Cloud.  Walk through some of the master data use-cases that were integrated with ERP Cloud - Customers, Sites, Addresses, Locations, and Items.

Objective 1: Discover how Oracle Integration Cloud addressed key integration requirements for Oracle ERP Cloud.

Objective 2: Deep-dive into the Oracle Integration Cloud solution developed to meet the customer’s requirements.

Objective 3: Discuss the implementation challenges faced by the team and how they were resolved.

Objective 4: Highlight key lessons learned from this implementation.

Objective 5: Discover how this product can be further leveraged by the customer in the future.

Audience: Technical