Session ID: 10334

Abstract: King County went live recently with Oracle Planning and Budgeting cloud service (PBCS). The implementation approach was “Lift and Shift” existing PSPB application from on-premise to Cloud. It is one of a kind project to lift and shift Oracle’s out of the box PSPB into cloud PBCS. This presentation will explain various decision made for selecting cloud. The presentation will also highlight different challenges with migration. The project implemented with great accuracy and data precision. There was lot of customization in on-premise application which needed to be retained in cloud.

Objective 1: Describe why we chose PBCS and what are the other alternatives

Objective 2: Discuss challenges encountered in migrating from on premise to PBCS and how the County overcome those challenges

Objective 3: Discuss areas where solution reduced significant pain points

Objective 4: Discuss lessons learnt during budget season

Objective 5: Plan for process improvement before next year budget cycle

Audience: Applications Power User