Session ID: 10346

Abstract: The Internet of Things is touching all of our lives in some way. Whether it’s home automation, security, monitoring our fitness activities or just driving smart vehicles. The presentation will overview this powerful Cloud offering from Oracle. We will examine features and complementary components that provide insight and actions with IoT data. We will explain use cases such as structural monitoring and predictive analytics and how IoT can be used in end to end solutions with applications such as E-Business Suite.

Objective 1: Introduce an emerging technology to customers.

Objective 2: Demonstrate BIAS's expertise in IoT and integrations to Oracle based applications.

Objective 3: Provide real-world use cases that promotes thoughts on how customers can improve use cases.

Objective 4: Provide customers information on end to end architecture involved in an IoT solution.

Objective 5: Introduce analytics, integration, artificial intelligence and machine learning features of IoT solutions.

Audience: -All-