A Beginner’s Guide to Oracle Analytics

1:15 PM–2:15 PM Apr 23, 2018

Banyan D


Session ID: 10446

Abstract: Oracle’s BI and Data Visualization Cloud offerings rolled out a few years back with limited adoption, but the ‘repackaged’ Oracle Analytics is back on top. By offering core BI and DV Cloud features together with Essbase, Oracle provides a new, robust BI/reporting platform. Being able to ingest data from any source, quickly spin up an Essbase cube, and directly connect to your Cloud EPM (Planning and Budgeting, etc.) solutions, all with unique mobile features and better facilities to manage your usage, makes Oracle Analytics both intriguing and useful. This session introduces attendees to Oracle Analytics.

Objective 1: Overview of Oracle Analytics Cloud, highlighting the newest features

Objective 2: Demonstration of key features of Oracle Analytics

Objective 3: Explain subscription models (metered, non-metered, standard, enterprise, etc.)

Objective 4: Provide beginning ‘tips and tricks’ for implementing Oracle Analytics

Audience: -All-