Session ID: 10483

Abstract: Project managing multi-national Oracle E-Business Suite projects is never simple and migrating from a mature SAP instance adds further complexity. This presentation highlights keys for project management success and his based on a 4-month SAP to Oracle E-Business Suite migration that involved business units in the US, Canada, Belgium and Poland and was done under conditions that severely limited access to Projection Data due to strict security requirements.

Objective 1: Highlight key differences of project managing global and local Oracle E-Business Suite migrations.

Objective 2: Outline critical project management considerations unique to a SAP to Oracle migration.

Objective 3: See how to project plan to re-create data structures access to production data is severely limited.

Objective 4: Share methods for post-production support success with limited access to source data post GoLive.

Objective 5: Detail SAP payment structure creation in Oracle while confirming to both US and EU GAAP.

Audience: Applications Manager or Business Analyst