Session ID: 10003

Abstract: How great would it be to have a customized Financial Period End Dashboard to view checklists, module statuses, Oracle Financial Analyzers, and even start and monitor requests? If you’re like most Managers and end users, you are tired of flipping between spreadsheets, web forms, and request outputs just to complete closing. This case study reviews the ways in which our company has leveraged the capabilities of APEX to automate month end activities and provide a single location for viewing reports and updating checklists in real time as closing occurs. Our approach is easily scalable to any industry or segment.

Objective 1: Discover how organizations can achieve a reduction in preventable month-end closing errors .

Objective 2: Realize faster period closing times with limited impact on business users.

Objective 3: Create visibility among finance members through shared views of checklist activities and issues.

Objective 4: Leverage existing tools for a low-cost, high-return increase on processes and performance.

Objective 5: Centralize reports, issue tracking, and process status into an easily managed and archivable source.

Audience: Functional / User