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ADDM* regularly runs behind the scenes and persists various performance tuning solutions that often go unnoticed by the DBA. Since DB performance problems can escalate quickly, the use of these persisted solutions can transform the DBA's ability to skillfully devise a tuning action plan. To leverage these preexisting solutions, the presenter "reverse engineered" the advisor framework and developed some SQL queries that will help the DBA evaluate the solutions and extract the details and/or SQL needed to implement the solutions. This presentation takes a deep dive into the various ADDM tools, and details these custom queries against ADDM base data. Every DBA will leave this presentation with more confidence, new tools and approaches for solving Oracle database application performance problems. *ADDM (Automated Performance Diagnostics and Monitoring) is a key component in Oracle's implementation of a self-managing database [part of the Diagnostics and Tuning pack license]. Within the persisted ADDM data, one will find solutions from automatic runs of the SQL Tuning Advisor , Segment Tuning Advisor, hourly ADDM runs, and more.

Objective 1: With the methods covered in this presentation the participant will learn tools and techniques that will transform their ability to quickly respond to the challenge of ensuring high performing DB's.

Objective 2: The learner will gain key insights to expertly use the advisor framework which underlies tools such as ADDM, SQL Tuning Advisor, Segment Tuning.

Objective 3: The participants will leave with tools and capabilities to extract and leverage actionable advice from the Advisor framework data to solve performance problems. This presentation illustrates undocumented ways to proficiently use the underlying data to qu

Audience: In-Depth