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The Oracle Optimizer is the main brain behind an Oracle Database, especially since it's required in processing every SQL statement. The optimizer determines the most efficient execution plan based on the structure of the given query, the statistics available on the underlying objects as well as using all pertinent optimizer features available.

In this presentation, Janis Griffin, database performance evangelist at SolarWinds, will review how the optimizer works and  introduce all of the new optimizer / statistics related features in Oracle 12.2 release. Several case studies will be used to show how these new features can be used to improve both performance and manageability.


Objective 1: The participant will understand how the optimizer operates and utilizes various statistics in order to come up with the most efficient execution plan. Examples of the new optimizer statistics advisor will be shown and statistics gathering will be discusse

Objective 2: The participant will learn of the new changes to sql plan management and how to better to control them.

Objective 3: Examples of using the new approximate query processing feature will be shown so that the participant can quickly identify when and how to use it.A

Audience: Introductory