Session ID: 1468


In this session I will share some of experience on migrate or upgrading different versions of Oracle databases to the Oracle 12cR2. This session will discuss the difference between upgrade and upgrade when you should use which method. We will also focus the latest 12cR2 upgrade tools and various upgrade 12cR2 paths/methods that help you plan your upcoming database upgrades. This will discuss three specific topics: upgrade multitenant databases, upgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure and RAC database to 12cR2 and migrate your on premise databases to Oracle cloud.

Objective 1: 1.Understand general migrate and upgrade paths and methods for their database upgrade to the latest 12cR2,

Objective 2: 2.Get familiar with some latest Oracle 12cR2 upgrade tools such as preupgrade.jar and parallel upgrade utility

Objective 3: 3.Understand specific upgrade cases: upgrade multitenant database, upgrade Oracle RAC database, migrate databases to Oracle cloud

Audience: Mid-Level