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Many DBAs are faced with the task of migrating and updating older Oracle databases to newer platforms and to Oracle12c, sometimes on-premises and sometimes to the cloud.  Frequently an endian change adds additional complexity.  Outage time constraints add to the challenge. 

While Data Pump may seem like an obvious choice, it does introduce many issues including edition restrictions, conceptual problems, and in some cases serious performance problems all of which must be overcome.  In many situations applying some Data Pump related tricks and advanced strategies will suffice.  And in others, a non-Data Pump solution must be used for some or all steps.

This presentation discusses some of the limitations with Data Pump and how to recognize when an even faster solution should be used.  Advanced Data Pump strategies and non-Data Pump SQL based solutions will be reviewed.

Objective 1: Learner will learn:

* How to recognize when Data Pump is the right tool for a logical database migration.
* Some Data Pump specific and environmental tips and strategizes for minimizing end-to-end elapsed time.
* Alternative approache

Objective 2: Attendees will benefit from the presentation by:

* Having specific tips and strategies (take-aways) that they can apply to their migration processes or even their regular database refresh processes.

Audience: In-Depth