The Best Oracle Database 18c New Features

11:00 AM–12:00 PM Apr 24, 2018

Palm D


Session ID: 1384


This presentation will look at which 18c new features should be investigated for use.  Most of the features that will be covered will be related to the DBA, but there will also be a few outside that realm that focus on the developer.  There will be simple examples (such as a quick example using pluggable databases) to show the basic functionality of the new features.  The speaker has been working with the Beta program over many versions of Oracle.

 1. Overview of New Features including Memory Optimization for IOT, Multitenant Advances like Per-PDB Switchover, Zero Impact Grid Infrastructure Patching, Per-PDB Security, polymorphic table functions, Private Temporary Tables, Docker Support, New Installation Support, 18cXE release, Shard-aware applications, In-Memory External Tables, and Approximate Query improvements.

2. Each specific feature (such as pluggable databases)

3. Example of using specific feature (such as pluggable databases)

4. Other new features not discussed but worth considering


Objective 1: Overview of New Features

Objective 2: Each specific feature detailed

Objective 3: Example of using each specific feature

Audience: Introductory