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Oracle 12c (12.1) has been out for quite a while now, but it wasn't until March of last year (2017) that Oracle 12.2 became available for the public to download.  In this presentation, Janis Griffin, database performance evangelist, SolarWinds, will deep dive into several of the new features that are considered some of her favorites.  The participant will learn about enhancements to the In-Memory option, Multitentant (PDB) improvements, new Partitioning capabilities, the new Sharding feature and more.  Along the way, Janis will demonstrate the many uses and best practices of utilizing these features.  This presentation is a must see especially if you are planning on upgrading to 12.2 soon.

#IOUGeniusDBBeginner Certificate

Objective 1: The participant will:
• Understand how the In-Memory Option works using virtual columns and join groups. The benefits and licensing for this feature will also be discussed.

Objective 2: • Learn of new SQL functions, Optimizer Enhancements and SQLPLUS improvements

Objective 3: • Understand the new PDB and partitioning features, as well as preview the new SHARDING feature that allows for a logical, global database.

Audience: Introductory