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Companies today 'breathe' data, and it is one of the most important CAPITAL assets of any business! The DBA stands at a critical juncture as both guardian and gatekeeper of this lifeblood. As gatekeeper the DBA has an often under-appreciated potential as enabler and information hub. Working from this premise the session discusses this mindset and approach, complementing robust technical knowledge, to see DBA's develop as linchpins in their organisations. This includes discussion on communication, dealing with distraction, advocates learning code, business principles and 'social' to craft DBA's fulfilled in their roles, who turn interactions into opportunities to educate and influence, both horizontally and vertically in their workplace. The aim and intent of this session is to encourage and inspire DBA's - to help them form a fresh and positive view of this role, to equip them for its chaning demands in the current business/data landscape - and to provide for them some practical strategies to outwork this in their workplace.

Objective 1: Identify the unique demands on the DBA in our current environment - the complexity and demands of the role - the inherent uncertainty (will cloud services render it obsolete?) - yet the incredible potential and opportunity that exists within it

Objective 2: Describe the concept of a Linchpin as one who makes themselves indispensable in their vocation by means of their leadership (formal or informal) and contribution - framing the DBA in this light as a hub in the middle of technology, users and business proc

Objective 3: We round out with some practical suggestions to build your competency, effectiveness, career and resilience - a framework of sorts - which includes recommendations such as : a) Getting Certified b) Learning how to Code (DevOps crossovers) c) Writing &

Audience: Introductory