Session ID: 1613


With the release of the Oracle Mobile Cloud, Enterprise (OMCe) platform, customers now have the ability to enhance the user experience and provide connected relevant content instantly. Through modern mobile applications that are easier to create, and intelligent chatbots that provide a conversational interface, employees can escape the daily drag of navigating through a poor interface to try and find relevant content. Come to this session to hear more about how deploying a connected chatbot army can help your users get to the information they need to do their jobs effectively - across applications and business processes. This session will higlight a chatbot called Atlas, which is running on OMCe and provides a mechanism to connect to third party chatbots on other infrastructures and cloud platforms. This all brings togheter a much richer conversational journey for users across those platforms. Additionally come hear about the importance of a connected bot army with bots providing connected personalised information from Oracle Engagement Cloud, PeopleSoft HCM, Taleo and Content and Experience Cloud in a dynamic conversational flow.

Objective 1: 1. Understanding Interface vs Conversational flow User Experiences.
2. What are Chatbots, and how and where they can help an organisation.
3. Learn what types of bots are already in the market and how organisations are using them.

Objective 2: 1. A technical overview of chatbots, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.
2. Steps to creating a good conversational flow.
3. How to integrate a chatbot and enhance its ability to personalise content with machine learning us

Objective 3: 1. Understand why you should create a bot army and not a single bot integrated to all required platforms and services?
2. Demo of Oracle Software Cloud exposed as a conversational flow.
3. Benefits of connecting to third-party chatbots.

Audience: Introductory