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Oracle 18c Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) is designed to remove the need for human interactions when setting up, maintaining, and even tuning the database. So, what's a DBA to do? You've probably been automating your job for years with scripts and other tools and might welcome leaving the mundane detail work behind. ADWC is the forerunner; expect Oracle to "autonomize" more products. However, the need for network and security knowledge in support of cloud services becomes more important each day. The advent of IoT and Big Data mean that data modeling and management skills will be more necessary every year. It's time to "cloud up" your skill set. Come to this session to learn how to move into the future successfully.

Objective 1: Understand what Oracle's Autonomous database is and how it works

Objective 2: Discuss the potential benefits and difficulties an autonomous database has for DBAs

Objective 3: Explore ways that a DBA can continue to be relevant and contribute to there organization

Audience: Introductory