Session ID: 1474


Wish you could talk to your back-office HR, Inventory, AP, AR system like you do to Siri or Alexa? How many orders does customer X have? How many hours did I work in July? How many of item X are in warehouse Y? In this session, learn how you can leverage Oracle's newest technology – ChatBots to give your applications the voice they deserve - natural language! Users today expect an immediate response; this session will show you how to provide it before users no longer accept the old look and feel. To bridge the gap between your back-office business logic and the chat interfaces needed to remain productive and competitive. Live demos of building a Chatbot and the solution.

Objective 1: Learn the newest concepts of AI and Natural language offering by Oracle

Objective 2: Learn the Oracle tools available to contribute to a ChatBot customer experience strategy

Objective 3: Learn how easy it can be to get a modernized look and feel

Audience: Introductory