Session ID: 1523


OAC and Data Visualization Desktop 4.0 now include a huge set of machine learning processes and algorithms. We'll demonstrate the new interface, explain which algorithms to use in which business cases, show how to interpret results, and review how to explain it all to nosy bosses and others who always want to know "just how does this thing work". This feature is way too powerful not to use, all you need is a place to start and a basic understanding of what's what. We'll show you everything from "one-click" options to how to start with simple dataflows and then build them out over time. Join Tim and Dan and you'll be "doing machine learning" in no time!  

Objective 1: 1. Understand machine learning and its business use cases 
2. Know the tradeoffs of different ML systems and architectures: data base vs. Hadoop vs. BI 
3. See a live demo of the new ML interface in OAC and DVD 4.0 

Objective 2: 1. Prepare a presentation to senior executives on machine learning opportunities and pitfalls 
2. Establish a budget and business case for an initial machine learning project  
3. Develop a strategy for success for integratin

Audience: Mid-Level