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The Data Visualization interface in Oracle BI is great for adhoc exploration of data. Over the years it has been enhanced to allow for multiple "canvases", multiple types of prompts, a story-telling mode, master-detail visualizations, and data actions that allow one visualization to drive another. The new "grammar of the graphics" interface is much more compelling to use. Oracle clearly is adding new capabilities to the Data Visualization interface and is not making many changes to the "old dashboard/answers" interface. Clearly the future is in the new DV interface. So...what are the implications for new dashboard development? Can we develop fully-functioning Enterprise dashboards with DV? What features are still missing? When should we rely on custom visualizations? When do we need to use the older-style dashboards? What's involved in migrating older dashboards to the new DV interface? How does the movement to the cloud (and specifically Oracle Analytics Cloud) affect this topic? 

Come to this session to learn from authors on the book on Data Visualization as they explore these topisc. Is DV the new interface for all dashboards in the Oracle BI environment? 

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Objective 1: 1. Understand the differences between Answers and Data Visualization interfaces in Oracle BI suite.
2. Describe how to migrate analyses from Answers and Dashboards to Data Visualization projects, canvases, and storyboards

Objective 2: 1. Apply the lessons learned to all Oracle BI environments, including Oracle Analytics Cloud, BI Cloud Services, and Data Visualization Cloud Service, and Data Visualization Desktop.

Audience: Mid-Level