INTL - Let’s Talk Localizations

1:45 PM–2:45 PM Apr 22, 2018

South Pacific D


Session ID: 10632

Abstract: The OAUG Customer Support Council, the OAUG Multi-National Special Interest Group (SIG), and ORACLE would like you to join us for a discussion of the challenges that customers face with localizations and their associated patching. We want to improve the process of updating customers on international regulations, Oracle localizations, and patching requirements. There is a shared recognition that especially the patching process and documentation can be improved. We would like to hear from you and would like to incorporate views from various regions around the world that face government mandates above and beyond company policy which impose deadlines of their own.

Objective 1: Discussion of the localization patching issues faced by customers

Objective 2: Learn of the challenges facing companies implementing localizations

Objective 3: Start a dialogue with Oracle concerning the pain points involved with localizations

Audience: -All-