Session ID: 102010

Abstract: Is your organization looking to continue to utilize your unique PeopleSoft configurations, customization, and data, but move your infrastructure to the future of the Cloud? Oracle Cloud offers a new set of core infrastructure capabilities to run your current PeopleSoft workload in the Cloud.Join Oracle Gold Level and Cloud Standard Partner, Elire, to learn more about this new option and discover if it is right for this organization. In addition, this session will also discuss how you can leverage the Cloud to work with your continuous delivery model (CDM) and PUM strategy.

Objective 1: Provide an overview of the PeopleSoft in the Oracle Cloud solution and what makes it such an attractive option for PeopleSoft customers.

Objective 2: Discuss PeopleSoft Cloud Manager why it should be used, how it works, and how it can be leveraged to work with your PUM strategy.

Objective 3: Discover your various 'as a service' options and advantages including Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service to demonstrate how each solution may affect your CDM approach.

Audience: Technical/Functional