Session ID: 105570

Abstract: Join ATS Autmation and ERP-One Consulting Inc as they discuss their E1 upgrade to release 9.2 and their move from on premise to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Objective 1: Review the scenarios for companies moving to the cloud, discussing the unique benefits and drawbacks, and exploring how to get the most value from the move. Discuss how this process was used at ATS to designm, architect and build their 9.2 system.

Objective 2: Understand the project methodology and implementation approach used, including the evaluation, assessment, implementation and maintenance of the new EnterpriseOne system on the cloud.

Objective 3: Discuss the benefits gained in terms of how it translated into tangible business improvements. Hear about the successes and challenges of the project from a lessons learned perspective, as well as the future plans following their upgrade project.

Audience: Technical