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On September 19th of 2017 at 1:15 PM CT Mexico got hit by one of the deathliest earthquake since 1985. The result of of it was 366 people dead , 44 buildings fallen and over 3000 unusable. In the moments after, twitter and social media became the tools that the survivors of it used to provide help with everything they could, but soon after even the help became chaotic , supplies arriving where they were not needed , a flood of people where there was already enough helping hands and in other places where nobody was receiving help.  This talk will go into how a group of IT and Data Scientist helped put order in all of the chaos of aiding in the disaster and indavertedly assisted in saving lives and put hope in people's future.  

Objective 1: 1. Understand the chaos of data flowing at the time of a disaster

Objective 2: 2. What tools and technologies where used to analyze the data and the criticality that every growing second counts to saving lives

Objective 3: 3. Taking the good out of the bad. How the techniques used by a group of IT and Data engineers can be applied to any other scenarios

Audience: Introductory