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Sometimes snapshot time-based (AWR) performance data does not provide the level of detail we need to diagnose performance issues. Usually Oracle Active Session History (ASH) data solves this limitation by providing session level sample data. However, we can go further by creatively using ASH data to do things that are not possible using standard ASH and time-based analysis. In this presentation I will show you how to use ASH data to pinpoint SQL plan changes. Also, I will show you how to detect parsing issues before they show up in the wait interface. The presentation includes demonstrations and where to get the free SQL, so you can take your ASH analysis to the next level!

Objective 1: 1. Why time based analysis is limited when investing SQL plan changes and parsing issues

Objective 2: 2. How to creatively use ASH data to detect and report SQL plan changes and parsing issues

Objective 3: 3. How to check the validity of your ASH analysis

Audience: Introductory