Session ID: 10102

Abstract: Traditional training programs need to change! Diverse workforce, mobile learners, fast business change, constant technology upgrades – how do you keep your staff informed, productive, and compliant? Come learn about learning. Understand the new learning solutions that will change the way you think about training employees. Participate in the interactive conversation and use your phone for realtime polling during the session. See single-source simulations with tools like UPK and/or Captivate to deliver engaging microlearning. Consider the Cloud solutions that keep your custom training fresh.

Objective 1: Have fun and participate by responding to realtime polls and be part of the discussion on the changing training landscape.

Objective 2: Understand the benefits of self-directed learning with simulations, microlearning, learning apps and Cloud (new Learning as a Service - LaaS)

Objective 3: See a demo of multiple learning samples from customers Noble Energy, PCL, Rentech.

Audience: -All-