Session ID: 10168

Abstract: Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service has quickly evolved into the hub of financial reporting for the Cloud EPM suite. Recent releases have introduced powerful, new features that you should consider deploying in your environment. Narrative Reporting, Management Reporter, and Disclosure Management have all seen new R&D for ease of use, extensibility, and integration across the suite. In this informational session, we have collected the top 11 new features that you need to know about and explain how to use them with real-world scenarios.

Objective 1: Describe Enterprise Reporting Cloud Service for new users

Objective 2: Introduce the top 11 new features in Enterprise Reporting Cloud Service

Objective 3: Describe best practices with each new feature using real-world scenarios

Objective 4: Discuss upgrade/migration best practices

Objective 5: General Q&A about EPRCS

Audience: Application Administrator