SIG - Tax Management SIG

4:15 PM–5:15 PM Apr 25, 2018

South Seas C


Session ID: 10202

Abstract: This is the Tax Management Special interest SIG meeting. We will be providing and update to the current SIG team and providing details about next years voting. The Session will cover the following: An update to global matters around indirect tax. Your options for Indirect tax on the cloud including the 3rd party offerings available on the market. How blockchain maybe used for indirect tax with examples on how it could become a reality. Open forum - we will be taking your questions posted on the SIG or Linked In Forums and providing answers.

Objective 1: Tax Management SIG meeting

Objective 2: Update on current tax matters

Objective 3: Introduction to new Oracle Tax Provisioning

Objective 4: Introduction to 3rd party tax services on the Cloud

Objective 5: Indian GST update

Audience: -All-