Session ID: 10400

Abstract: Constraining development and testing is database size. It takes a lot of time, effort, storage, and network to make another copy of a production system. Your DBA and EBS admin may have some things automated, but somewhere there is a spreadsheet with manual steps, and it takes days to get a new EBS environment. Come learn why data virtualization is the solution to a problem every EBS team knows. Learn how and why data gravity and data friction prevent you from integrating, developing, and testing. Learn how data virtualization overcomes gravity and friction, helping you get EBS fixes to your customers faster.

Objective 1: Learn what "data gravity" is and how and why it becomes worse the larger a database becomes

Objective 2: Learn what "data friction" is and why it makes data more difficult to make available for development, testing, and integration

Objective 3: Learn how data virtualization works and how it complements server virtualization

Objective 4: Understand how agile development methods are impossible without data virtualization

Objective 5: Understand the basic principles of DevOps and how tools like data virtualization are crucial to accomplishing those principals

Audience: Application Administrator