Sifting thru the ASHes, Part Deux

11:00 AM–12:00 PM Apr 23, 2018

Jasmine E


Session ID: 1685


A couple years ago, I did an introductory session about Oracle's Active Session History repository. That presentation focused on the ASH architecture and providing a basic understanding of how ASH works, what kinds of analysis it is good at, and just as importantly, what kinds of analysis it is not good at. Towards the end of that session, I provided several basic SQL scripts as examples for mining the ASH data to help answer various tuning questions.  Over the following weeks, I received a great deal of feedback asking for more example ASH scripts to address more complex investigations.  This session is a follow-on to address those requests for a higher-level ASH presentation.  For those of you who didn't see the prior session, I'll begin with a quick overview of the ASH architecture before moving to a rapid fire barrage of successively more and more complex ASH queries.  For each of the queries, we'll discuss the the question the query is designed to address, the structure of the query itself, and how to interpret the results to answer the original question. We'll go thru as many examples as time permits.

Objective 1: Understand how to leverage the ASH repository to provide answers to complex tuning issues.

Objective 2: Describe the basic architecture of the ASH subsystem.

Objective 3: Understand how to query the real-time and historic ASH repositories to answer tuning questions.

Audience: Mid-Level