Session ID: 1358


As much as the term Cloud Computing gets tossed around these days you would think everyone's using it. But do cloud predictions really match real world use? If you aren't "in the cloud" are you already behind the competition?

During this presentation, we will discuss the pros and cons of moving your applications to thecloud, with a particular focus on business critical applications like Oracle. We will share our experiences working with clients to determine if their applications are "cloud ready" through a review of availability, costs, and operational impacts. Examples of successful use cases in the public cloud will be explored including emerging technologies, DRaaS, new applications, older applications running on older hardware, and startups. 

You'll leave with a better understanding of the types of applications that are best suited for the cloud, a list of questions you should be asking when considering moving your Oracle applications and databases to the cloud, and a checklist you can use to evaluate your application's cloud readiness. House of Brick's experience with implementing Oracle on AWS for the Catch-a-Dream Foundation will also be featured as a case study.


Objective 1: Identify good candidate applications (use cases) for test driving the Cloud.

Objective 2: Understand the significance of what the cloud provider offers as services versus what you are responsible for managing

Objective 3: Recognize common Cloud issues and how to avoid them

Audience: Mid-Level