Session ID: 112020

Abstract: Every CIO, IT Ops Manager, and VP of Development is facing some serious, strategic technology decisions. They want to move a greater share of their workloads to the cloud, but don't want to give up the benefits of the on-premises data center - or have to rewrite their existing apps for a virtualized, multi-tenant environment. They want on-demand access to high-performing, secure, reliable infrastructure to build their new cloud-native apps on. They are looking to solve IT challenges with the latest solutions, continue to drive reductions in cost, and increases speed in time to market. In this session, we will clearly describe how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) delivers solutions for these needs, and in a unique and different way. You will leave this session understanding how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help you in moving on-premises workloads to the cloud, enable you to build high-performance workloads in the cloud, and hear real world success stories about customers.

Audience: Technical/Functional