Session ID: 10561

Abstract: Blockchain is the latest hot topic. It holds a lot of promise, but looks quite confusing at first. While this SIG will be a forum to understand all emerging technology, the focus this session is on Blockchain – the current reality, the multiple variations, and participants of Blockchain. Together we will explore the future impact on business, personal, and legal transaction management. This will our first get-together at the OAUG Collaborate. We will hear presentations on the latest development. We will review Oracle’s and other offerings. We will discuss the mission and activities of the Group. We expect attendance from Oracle and other Blockchain organizations.

Objective 1: Understand Blockchain functionality, current and future application opportunties

Objective 2: Participate in activity plan for Special Interest Group

Objective 3: Explain Oracle and other common Blockchain services and offerings in industry

Objective 4: Discuss why Oracle professionals and users need to understand Blockchain

Objective 5: Look at early adopters of Blockchain, understand their successes and errors

Audience: Management