Session ID: 112510

Abstract: Supporting JD Edwards has been like a roller coaster. Long lines of requests from the business leading to lots of ups and downs of effort and cost as we swing between 'like-for-like' technical upgrades. This approach stresses our support teams and costs a lot of money to end up right where we started. The noise around 'Staying Code Current' just confuses the 'tool' with the 'goal' and doesn't get us off that ride. Being Code Current isn't our goal; deploying new features and functionality to satisfy the business needs with limited budgets is really what the business cares about. In this session for Business and Technology Leaders, Corning Data will present a roadmap which high performing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World customers use to move past 'Code Current' to what the business really wants: 'Continuous Improvement'; all while driving real business results at a more manageable cost.

Objective 1: Craft a winning strategy for JD Edwards systems ownership

Objective 2: Gain the business benefits of Continuous Improvement

Objective 3: Improve service levels while controlling IT costs

Audience: Technical/Functional