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Abstract: If spending hours per week gathering data from multiple sources just to compile a report that will need to be re-compiled the very next day or week is part of the task list for you or for someone else in your company, please know that you are not alone. Many organizations not only lack the ability to look at their data across the organization as whole, but often have no lens into the metrics that they need to report against or manage the business of their own departments. As a result innovation is stymied and precious time is wasted wrangling data. How beneficial would it be to have a central data information repository we call it an Enterprise Data Warehouse from which to retrieve accurate data from across all aspects of your business? This concept that we'll explore in the webinar empowers reporting, dashboards, and data visualizations capabilities.

Objective 1: This webinar explains how this, and more, can be a reality for your business, in a relatively short amount of time.

Objective 2: Whether you are in the IT department or a functional business unit of your organization, if data delivery, consistency, automation, availability, or confidence is a problem your organization faces, in whole or in part, don't miss this event.

Audience: Technical/Functional

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