Session ID: 1724


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides modern, high performance compute, network and storage solutions that make it an ideal environment to run your Databases and Database Applications. Learn how to set up a hybrid environment by leveraging connectivity solutions like FastConnect and the predictable high performance of our Block, Object, Archive, and File storage solutions. Learn best practices for leveraging the high availability solutions that the cloud offers, like deploying your databases across Availability Domains and Regions, and how to leverage your existing IT practices as you move your databases to the cloud.

Objective 1: Learn about the solutions available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that make it an ideal environment for your Databases and Database applications.

Objective 2: Learn how to set up a hybrid environment - where your virtual network in OCI acts as an extension to your existing on-prem network.

Objective 3: See how easy it is to deploy databases in OCI and set up high availability and disaster recovery topologies.

Audience: Introductory